Rasmus Eriksson


Rasmus ErikssonRasmus interest in music started early as he at the age of 10 started in Täby Musical School where he took the first steps towards becoming the artist he is today by learning how to sing classical choir.

In his teens he moved together with his family to the south of Sweden where he picked up the guitar and started to write his own songs. The songwriting found its place in Rasmus´s heart and he started recording some demos in a local studio. One day, a booking agent came in to the studio and asked Rasmus if he wanted to play some gigs as a troubadour on a Cruise line ship between Sweden and Finland.

Rasmus who had no idea what a troubadour even was took the gig and started practicing.

A couple of years later he had already made his name as one of the most appreciated single acts on the Baltic sea and had made tours all over Sweden and abroad as far away as Thailand, Cyprus and many other places. Rasmus also continues writing songs, both for himself and for other artists.

He co-writed the House-styled song “Hate to love – Alex Sayz feat. Evi” wich made its way to the sixth place on the Billboard Dance Airplay Chart.

He also started an artist camp for aspiring young artists that trained students that later moved on to be in everything from the Swedish tryouts to the Eurovision song contest, to touring abroad making shows.

2011 Rasmus was contacted by Channel 4 to apply for the “Sweden´s got talent 2011”

He went to play in front of the competent jury of Henrik Fexeus – Mentalist, Charlotte Perelli – Artist and maybe the most feared of them all, Bert Karlsson – Label mogul.

Rasmus went on stage carrying only his acoustic guitar and played one of his own country songs. Even though the song had not been tested in front of an audience, Rasmus didn´t have to worry. The crowd rose to their feet and the jury had nothing but praise for him.

He went all the way to the finals and after the show he got his first record contract.

The first single “Cowboy superstar” was released later in 2011 and went straight in to be played on Swedish radio around the country.

Rasmus kept working on his music and was seen in other tv-shows like the popular “Lotta på Liseberg” and 2013 he released his debut album “The wind beneath my wings”.

Rasmus music can be described as country-pop/rock but Rasmus doesn’t like to put a name on his music. “Good music is good music, no matter what it´s called”